KiranKiran Patel
Investment and project management
T: 0114 453 5067
E: kiran@steel-property.com

Kiran is a well established property developer and investor focussing on a buy to sell strategy. Since 2012 Kiran has sourced in excess of £3.5 million of property for £2.1 million, that’s a average 40% discount on market value. Or to put it another way 68% value added. This has been achieved through an in depth knowledge of the market and our target demographic. Kiran sources properties that offer maximum potential to add value.

Kiran loves property of all shapes and sizes but has a particular passion for characterful period properties. His favourite purchase to date being his family home in Sheffield.

JoanneJoanne Heriot
Finance and Creative
E: joanne@steel-property.com

Joanne leads the creative team and is responsible for ensuring that the projects meet strict standards to achieve our trademark high quality finish that is on trend and a perfect fit for our chosen market.

Joanne is also a Chartered Accountant and responsible for smooth running of the finance department.



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